Which Dog Breed? - Linda Whitwam

Which Dog Breed?

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2015-02-18
  • Genre: Pets


Deciding what type of dog to get can be a minefield. 
Potential owners are bombarded with countless photos of cute puppies and extravagant claims by some breeders. 
This book tells you what the others don’t. It cuts through all the hype and arms you with expert, insider's knowledge of the 25 most popular breeds registered with the Kennel Clubs - and one that isn’t. 
Discover which breeds are likely to rack up the highest vet bills, what health issues affect each breed, which dogs are easier to train and housetrain, and what questions to ask the breeder for your specific chosen breed. 
 Which Dog Breed? The Insider’s Guide also analyses the most popular crossbreeds and tells you what to look out for. Many new owners have no idea if they are buying a first, second or multi-generation cross. This book demystifies the whole topic of F numbers with hybrid dogs. 
If you suffer from allergies, you’ll learn what breeds and crosses to consider and which ones are a complete no-go.
This book is part of the acclaimed Canine Handbooks series and the breeds are profiled with insight and candour by specialist canine author Linda Whitwam. You'll learn about the downsides of each one as well as the highlights.  
This book will steer you away from unsuitable breeds and help you make a balanced decision on which breed or crossbreed would fit in best with you, your family, lifestyle, time commitments and budget.
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  “Linda has navigated the minefield of marketing hype and confusing information, and the result is a well written book with lovely photographs that is an invaluable tool,” J. Cousins, Texas, USA
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“Topics are covered with insight. This book makes for a substantial read for anyone interested in Labradoodles or planning a new furry addition to their family,” J. C. Vickerman, Yorkshire, UK